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When will my item arrive?

Your purchase should be received within 4-10 days US 


How will my purchase be sent?

Purchases will be sent  2-3 day USPS Priority.


How do I order Custom Pieces?

It’s easy. Send your desired stone or stones combination along with your wrist measurement &/or preferred necklace length. If you would like the piece/pieces to match a particular color you can send a color swatch;  include the mm size of stones if you know it. 

If I sent a picture of another jewelry piece I like will you make a copy for me? No!

 Classically Mish will reinterpret another artists jewelry piece but will not duplicate it. We retain copyright to all of our designs and extend the same respect and courtesy to other designers. I'm sure we can meet your needs as we have for others in the past, Photos will be exchanged prior to final construction guaranteeing your satisfaction. 

** the only exclusion is what is called "generic" pieces.

How long will it take to receive my custom order?

Special orders will take approximately 15-30 days after agreed upon construction.  You will be notified by Classically Mish should there be a delay. (This timeline may or may not exclude bridesmaid orders due to number of pieces) 

Do I have to have a Paypal account to purchase by CCard?  Not at all.

Look in the lower left corner of the link to pay without a Paypal account. Just enter your credit card information. Classically Mish does not see your CCard information.

What happens if an item is sold out but the cart allows me order it?

As long as the piece is Not a One of a kind or discontinued jewelry item, it will still be shipped to you. If there is an issue or delay you will be notified by text or email.

How does Classically Mish handle repairs?

Should there be need for repairs due to our workmanship, Classically Mish will take care of the repair and shipping free of charge. This does not apply to pieces that are stepped on, run over, vacuumed etc. The fees for those repairs depend on what is needed to repair the piece.


How is the price for special order custom jewelry calculated? 

Price is based on Quantity of Materials, Length and Labor needed to construct your vision into wearable art. 

How do I take care of my jewelry pieces correctly?

Put your jewelry on after your lotion and perfume. Should you find that wiping off your jewelry piece is not enough, warm soapy water is the next best way to clean gemstone jewelry. Wipe dry with a lint free cloth. 


Can I order my bridal party gifts from Classically Mish? Is there a discount?

Yes; Classically Mish offers special pricing on high quantity orders. (example Bridesmaids, Sorority line sisters, Milestone gifts etc.) Please contact us directly to insure your time frame and quantity is eligible.

*** Please have an accurate color swatch(es) you would like for us to match (for wedding parties)*** 

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